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We’re known for helping our Clients build positive Risk Cultures and these underpin organisational resilience. Some prefer to talk about organisational attitudes to risk, but risk culture has become the more common term.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch”.

Many organisations with sound risk management strategies and frameworks have suffered serious loss of reputation, customers and assets because the risk management strategy and culture were not aligned. In a positive Risk Culture thinking about managing risk is part of “how things get done around here”.

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We are Risk Culture Specialists

We don’t provide any consulting services or advice about your Risk Management Framework. We concentrate solely on helping you strengthen your Risk Culture or organisational attitudes to risk. Our Risk Culture Assessment is a powerful tool for making evidence-based decisions to strengthen your organisation’s Risk Culture.

We have been running these Assessments since 2008 for Clients in the private and public sectors.

We have a very strong reputation for highly ethical, professional and confidential conduct.

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Assessing Your Risk Culture

Many risk managers we speak to say they’re happy with their risk management framework, policies and procedures, risk registers have been completed and training workshops run but despite all this work they’re not really sure about how staff throughout the organisation think about managing risk.

Our on-line Risk Culture Assessment closes this knowledge gap because every member of your staff is invited to complete the Assessment. Our report gives you a clear understanding of staff perceptions by –

  • geographic locations
  • business units/departments
  • role types

 Key Features and Benefits

  • Hassle free for you – we manage the entire process
  • Simple to understand and quick for staff to complete on-line
  • Discover how your people at all levels think about managing risk
  • Identifies strengths and “hot spots”, with clear recommendations for action
  • Benchmarks your Risk Culture against other organisations
  • From launch to report is approximately 4 to 6 weeks and investment is modest
  • Longitudinal tracking is available

Our research

Our research across 180 public and private sector organisations shows that where there is not a positive Risk Culture only 14% of executives say their organisation is effective in managing risk. Where there is a positive Risk Culture this jumps to 66%.

Some of these organisations clearly had their culture and risk management policy aligned – others certainly had not –

  1. 49% said“When decisions are made in my organisation the Risk Management implications are carefully considered”
  2. 42% said“In my organisation Risk Management is mostly perceived as a “tick the box” exercise completed at regular intervals for Audit/Compliance purposes or as another task that distracts attention from the real work”

How many of your staff would choose option 1 and not option 2?

Where there is a positive Risk Culture the Audit and Risk Committee and senior executives can be more confident about both the strength of the organisation’s ability to manage risk and its resilience.

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