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Whistleblower protection limps on!

  The Australian Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer was reported in the Melbourne Age on 23rd of June 2017 announcing that the government wants to tighten legislation to give compensation and protection of anonymity to people who blow the whistle on corporate corruption or unethical behaviour. Government legislation and enforcement is essential but seems to […]

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$36bn Tax Scandal & whistleblowers.

The BBC has reported on a breaking tax scandal in Germany with global implications that makes the current Australian Tax Office investigation into a $165m fraud look like small beer. “An international group of bankers, lawyers and stockbrokers – reportedly with links to the City of London – appears to have fiddled the tax system, […]

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To Build Risk Culture Change Behaviours

At the Risk Culture workshops we ran recently in Singapore delegates were keen to hear about practical examples of culture change.  We want to share some ideas here about how one organisation made an enormous cultural change.  You might find this helpful as you think about Risk Culture in your own organisation. It’s not simple […]

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Risk & Reward and the Greed is Good Grid

Gordon Gekko from the 1980s movie Wall Street would be proud of the enormous numbers of people globally in public and private sector organisations now who act on his mantra “Greed is good”.  In this blog we’re providing the Greed is Good Grid because these people must be using something like this grid to evaluate […]

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Risk Culture and Dangerous Subcultures

When mid-level managers don’t support their organisation’s risk culture there’s danger ahead, as these examples from our casebook show. Is Risk Culture Organisation-wide? When we work with organisations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their risk culture their employees often raise really sensitive issues, like fraud and other behaviours that increase risk. This often […]

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Barclays & VW – Risk Culture Parallels?

Q.   How are a bank and auto manufacturer alike? A.   Some of their people have cut corners to avoid regulations. One of our earlier posts questioned whether there were more than “a couple of rogue software engineers” involved at VW in trying to outwit regulators on emission controls.   Different rules for the […]

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